Blu-rays, Depeche Mode and dreams..

Since I bought a PS3 at Christmas time last year, I’ve kind of resisted the urge to splurge on Blu Rays and PS3 games. The games I have bought are generally the games that I bought for my PS2, but for the PS3, obviously. As for Blu Ray films, the few I own are films that I didn’t already have on video or dvd. So that’d be basically be The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and The Bourne trilogy. I really want to buy some of the classics, the new edition of Taxi Driver looks especially tempting- but can I really justify spending £17 on a film I’ve already seen more than once?

I’m sure I’ll find a way in the future. Today, though, I added Dead Space to my games roster and Danny Boyle’s Sunshine along with David Fincher’s The Game- not seen that since going to the cinema however many years ago it was. I’m looking forward to their arrivals already.

Back to the general subject matter of this blog and in particular the subject of yesterday’s blog, it was pointed out to me that, ahead of the Remix album spanning their entire 30 year career, Depeche Mode have released another version of Personal Jesus, The Stargate Mix. I have to say that, for me, it’s a reminder of why I’m always slightly suspicious of remixes. Another reason is a remix that should have been a match made in heaven- Damon Albarn, Massive Attack and their track Angel. Ugh. To be fair, I don’t mind that one so much now. I now see that perhaps it was part of Damon’s steps away from Blur and into the world of cartoon characters and tunes you could really dance to (not that I’d advise dancing to this). But at the time, it was like Damon had taken everything that was good- where was the bass?- about the track and thrown it out and I couldn’t understand it.

Perhaps I will come to appreciate the more… I was going to say dancey, but I feel like this remix is a “Europop” version of an absolutely classic track. Me no like, but as I said above- that might change. In about ten years. Although I’ll be 43 by then, so it seems unlikely. I’m interested to see what former band member, Alan Wilder, has done with In Chains though.

I’m going to finish today’s blog by telling you about a dream I had last night. I freqeuently have dreams of turning up to watch Arsenal, but being unable to find my seat- or Jo’s seat is taken- or some variation on a not entirely unrealistic theme. Yet another one, you’re probably not too surprised to hear is that I go to see Depeche Mode and end up chatting to them after the show. Except that Dave Gahan is never there. Jo loves this one- she always says, “Isn’t it obvious? You’re Dave!” For some reason, she thinks I’m a bit obsessed with them.

Anyway, last night’s dream and I woke up making a mental note not to forget it- I then made an actual note that ensured I wouldn’t- was pretty short. Basically, Topper Headon, The Clash’s former drummer, was giving me a lift in a big, dark shiny blue BMW. I don’t know where we were going, but I do know that I was asking him to demonstrate to me what a 4/4 beat was- which he did and then I asked him to do a 4/5 beat. At which point, he suddenly pulled the car over, got out of his car, ran over to some bloke and started beating him to the floor. Well, I’m not a violent person, I woke up almost immediately. What does it all mean?

Personal Jesus- Stargate Mix

Angel- Blur remix


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