Barry Adamson, King Of Limbs and Football

Jo and I were in bed the other night- easy, it’s not like that!- and we were listening to Barry Adamson’s Stranger On The Sofa. I quite like Barry’s work actually. Knowing he was one of the Bad Seeds, I decided to check him out having heard a couple of tracks via Last FM and read some reviews. So I got the Mute compilation, The Murky World Of… and the more recent album named above.

I really love The Murky World, the Fantasy James Bond Theme, “Bond is black!”, makes me wish that the Fantasy was the the reality. Aside from that there are some absolute cracking tracks on there- as there should be I guess. Stranger… is a less compelling affair, but even so, I wasn’t impressed when Jo opined,”it’s just noise” – this from someone who declared Radiohead’s King of Limbs album “brilliant”. The cheek of it!

On the King Of Limbs, despite the fact that the album has been in the house for months now, I don’t feel we’ve got to know it that well. Which, in itself, may be indicative of a drop in quality from the Oxford crew, it just hasn’t been compelling enough to sustain the interest. Obviously, it harks back to the more electronic textures of Kid A and Amnesiac, but lacks the songs like (variously) Idioteque, The National Anthem and I Might Be Wrong to really hold the interest. That being said, the piano driven Codex is a gorgeous song and would probably stand up on any of the albums the band have released since 1993. I think In Bloom and Feral are good tunes, although I hope Thom Yorke has slipped Burial dude a fiver for Feral. Basically, I don’t think I should be listening to an album- particularly a Radiohead one- waiting for it to end so I can put something else on.

I played football last night. We played at the Sobell Centre,  just down the road from the Arsenal stadium and came out the odd goal short of a 35 goal thriller. Thirty five goals sounds like a lot, doesn’t it? Well, we were playing 4-a-side on a pitch where sixes is the norm (and I only scored once). We were playing fours because one of our number said he was coming and then forgot to tell anyone he wasn’t- or maybe he forgot that he said he was coming and then our Head of Finance got injured when blocking a shot from your truly. He has damaged his ankle ligaments, I didn’t realise I could hit the ball hard enough to destroy someone’s ankle

The net result of the football was absolute exhaustion on my part and I slept well last night, which led to a rather lucid dream. Once again, I was with Depeche Mode and we were on a plane from London Stansted. The plane went up and then it came down almost immediately because we were only flying to London Heathrow. Then, the band set up in a car park (and Dave was there this time) and as they were about to start, a group of lads wandered past laughing at them. “Do you mind? I said, “Don’t you know how many hit records this man has written?” as I pointed at Martin Gore. With that, the band launched into Personal Jesus.

I don’t remember anything else. Weird, huh?


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