Tricky vinyl dreams

The temptation, today, is to respond to the amount of shit flying the Arsenal board’s way for their “failure” to sign anyone so far this summer- Carl Jenkinson excepted. But as I’m playing football tonight- two games in a week, having not played at all for a couple of months, must be madness- I’d like to focus my energy on my own game instead. Besides which, I have another dream to talk about.

And this one was even weirder than the previous night’s. I was in a record store, looking for some Tricky vinyl. I’m not sure why I was doing this seeing as I have pretty much all the Tricky vinyl that I could ever wish to have, but as I say it was in the dream. And then my attention was caught by a whole load of Massive Attack and Tricky t-shirts further down the racks. This, naturally, piqued my interest and so I started looking. But, and I remember this very clearly, I started looking for a t-shirt which I could buy for Jo as it’s our 7th anniversary in four weeks time.

It all seems a bit Inception to me this afternoon, like I was aware I was actually dreaming and thinking within it. There was other stuff that I have now forgotten, but I woke up with that part of it echoing in my brain and I think it’s interesting stuff to get down. This dream in particular made me think it’s time I talked some more Tricky.

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve got most, if not all, of the Tricky vinyl I need. My collection started with the release of Christiansands as the lead up single to Pre Millennium Tension. Pre Millennium Tension was Tricky’s follow up to one of the most rapturously received debut albums I can remember being released. PMT, as we’ll call it from here on in, was not so rapturously received but, still, I remember being very, very excited by the album’s release. And I guess a large part of that is the fact the menacing, or “haunting” as my friend Mike Taylor once put it, Christiansands was the lead off single. It’s my favourite Tricky song to this day, I can’t imagine how many times I must have listened to it over the last fifteen years. Anyway, as well as getting the gatefold cd single, I picked up a little  7″ picture disc in a clear case.

A few months later, I was able to add the 12″ clear vinyl of She Makes Me Wanna Die to my collection. Unlike the picture disc, bought at a time when I didn’t have a record player, I still know where that is.

That, in all honesty, is about where I got to in terms of collecting Tricky vinyl whilst it was being released. Happily,  internet shops like e-bay and Amazon now exist. There was also the small matter of a shop in Croydon, a shop called Beano’s. And it was there that I was able to fill my boots. It’s gone now, but before it went, well… happy days!

Don’t worry, I’m not going to list my various visits to Beano’s itemising what was bought when, suffice to say that I was able to add all of the Maxinquaye singles ever released by Island records- including a clear case, orange vinyl Pumpkin. I also managed to get hold of the Hell EP and a promo copy of Aftermath. I just had to pay more than I would have had I bought these things at the time.

I also found a 12″ Christiansands to my MIA picture disc and the abrasive Tricky Kid joined She Makes Me Wanna Die in my home for Tricky singles. In terms of me collecting stuff, much as I love Tricky- that was about as far as I felt I wanted to go, though if anyone has a vinyl edition of Broken Homes or For Real- then please make yourself known to me! I’m very, very fortunate that Jo is happy to try and pick this stuff up for me and so, on my 30th birthday, I received a pristine copy of Maxinquaye on vinyl. It wouldn’t have been pristine had I got it for my 18th! She topped that, though, at Christmas last year by tracking down, with some difficulty apparently, Pre Millennium Tension. I had the wall spanning poster, I got the limited edition cd/book and now I have the vinyl.

It sounds fucking fantastic.



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