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I’m 34 now.  That statement makes me feel quite old, but as I celebrated my birthday in Amsterdam on Tuesday, doing all the things that one would expect to do in Amsterdam- sitting in the park, getting absolutely caned and… … Continue reading

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ATP Festival: I’ll Be Your Mirror 24/7/11

Having got home from north London at 2am this morning, let me just say this; if you went  to both days and stayed for the duration twice, then you have my total and utter respect. Jo and I arrived at … Continue reading

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Heaven Is… Where I End And You Begin

I make no apologies- as if I ever do- for the content of today’s blog. Today is the day that Jo and I celebrate the 7th anniversary of the beginning of our 21st century romance. Don’t worry though, I’m not … Continue reading

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Appetite For Destruction: Guns N’ Roses

When I was at school in the late 80’s, it felt like there were two bands that mattered. One was Metallica, the other was Guns N’ Roses. You liked either one of them, but probably not both. I also remember, … Continue reading

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Dirk Wears White Sox: Adam and the Ants

To Johnny come lately types- or people like me who were too young to know about it at the time- the 1979 album, Dirk Wears White Sox is, on the face of it, the most daunting of the three albums … Continue reading

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Dylan Moran live in Hammersmith

This Thursday sees the 7th anniversary of the day Jo gave her life away and we commenced our relationship. The Arsenal were the league champions then- imagine! You already know that we’re off to see Portishead, Grinderman, Swans and GY!BE next weekend … Continue reading

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Wilco and 80’s soundtracks

As it’s been quiet at work today- relatively speaking- I’ve been able to listen to Wilco (The Album) in its entirety today. My best friend Luke is well into these guys, but I’ve never really been bothered to check them … Continue reading

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Preparing for Amsterdam

It turns out that I won’t be able to go too mad in the bar whilst Godspeed Your! Black Emperor- can anyone tell me exactly where that fucking exclamation mark is supposed to go?- are making everyone’s ears bleed in … Continue reading

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“Build A Fire For Val Jester..”

This morning, Jo managed to get two tickets for the gig that I would never have expected to happen. Yes indeedy, me and m’lady are off to see Pulp at the Brixton Academy in August. I don’t know when the … Continue reading

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Suck It And See: Arctic Monkeys

Today’s blog post is one that I’ve given a fair amount of thought to. I’ve held back and held back and continued to hold back on writing it. Why is that? Well, I’ll tell you why it is; simply put, … Continue reading

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