“Build A Fire For Val Jester..”

This morning, Jo managed to get two tickets for the gig that I would never have expected to happen. Yes indeedy, me and m’lady are off to see Pulp at the Brixton Academy in August. I don’t know when the last time Pulp played there was, but if the gig is half as good as the show from 1995 that I have on dvd, then we’re in for a treat. It also means I can now watch the Finsbury Park gig that I also have on dvd without feeling regret that I once (stupidly) chose to have my birthday party on the same day. Yes, nearly 13 years later, it still rankles.

I have also now booked our attendance at the I’ll Be Your Mirror ATP Festival curated by Portishead- that may not be the correct order of words, but I’m pretty sure they are at least the correct words. I had a moment of panic when booking as my first attempt came up with an *Error* message, but that was swiftly resolved. It had previously occurred to me that blogging about my excitement at going to something I didn’t yet have tickets for was somewhat presumptuous. Happily I am not a man with egg on his face (like the song says, you should never trust a man who does) and so we will be rocking out to both Grinderman and Portishead on Sunday, 24th July.

And it occurs to me, I still haven’t written that Dirk Wears White Sox blog yet…

So, the Pulp gig at Brixton means that I can now put all thoughts of a day ticket to the Reading Festival to see them aside. Which means, unfortunately, that I won’t get to see the National there. But that doesn’t really matter as I’ve been listening to their music a lot lately. Rather too much, in fact, if last night’s dream that featured about two minutes of Fake Empire is anything to go by. One of the great things about The National is that- aside from a first album that is thought of in our house along the lines of Pablo Honey or Cut The Crap, i.e. it never happened- there are absolutely brilliant songs on all of their albums. With this in mind, I thought it was high time I created a National playlist on my phone and so I did. Here it is:

Fake Empire, Mr November, Wasp Nest, Start A War, Anyone’s Ghost, Squalor Victoria, Available, Val Jester, Afraid Of Everyone, Mistaken For Strangers, Thirsty, Baby We’ll Be Fine, Bloodbuzz Ohio, About Today, Abel, Conversation 16, England.

As @toddycounago commented on Twitter, his National playlist would be everything, but I guess I started with the idea that I wanted something I could put on a cd. I’m not sure I’d fit all 17 of these tracks on, but I reckon it’s a good start.

Here is a fan made video for a track that has, in turns, enchanted and haunted me ever since I first heard it, the beautiful Val Jester from The National’s 2005 album, Alligator.


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