Preparing for Amsterdam

It turns out that I won’t be able to go too mad in the bar whilst Godspeed Your! Black Emperor- can anyone tell me exactly where that fucking exclamation mark is supposed to go?- are making everyone’s ears bleed in north London next weekend. No, because Jo is taking me to Amsterdam for my birthday on the Monday. One final blow out out there before the authorities close off the city’s coffee shops to what are referred to as “drug tourists”. Me thinks the authorities are doing their beautiful city down somewhat, as if the only reason people go there is to get wasted. I don’t think that’s the case, not that I’m saying it doesn’t help, but there’s only so much of that weed you can smoke during any given day. So I hear, anyway.

Which leaves a hell a lot of time for other stuff. Stuff like the Gartine, a rather excellent little tea room, like the Van Gogh museum, like Anne Frank Huis. Maybe we’ll go properly mad and take a trip out towards the Amsterdam Arena and add another stadium visit to my collection- not managed to get there on my two previous visits to the city. I’ll leave you to work out why.

My first visit to the city of Amsterdam took place in 2008 and it was to see Radiohead as they toured In Rainbows. In some ways, that gig, that fucking gloooorious day, seems like it was five minutes ago. Then again, a lot has happened in the intervening three years. We won’t be catching any music whilst we’re out there, but I suspect I’ll have had enough live music to last me the summer after Ally Pally. In the meantime, Radiohead have completed another “From The Basement” session, which you can watch here, if you want:

As I write this post, I’m listening- for the first time in ages- to Martha Wainwright’s 2008 LP I Know You’re Married But I’ve Got Feelings Too. Listening now, I can’t even remember why I bought this album. I know why Jo thinks I bought it, but I would never buy an album based on its cover. Well, not unless it featured lots and lots of naked ladies, but I don’t think that particular Jimi Hendrix cover is available anymore.

Oh, relax would you? It’s a joke..

I think that what might have happened is that I heard that song she did with Snow Patrol and fallen in love with her voice. I didn’t buy either the single with Snow Patrol (Set The Fire To The Third Bar) or the album it came from, what with it being, you know a Snow Patrol release. So her own album seemed like a logical place to start. After the slightly yodelly opener, Bleeding All Over You, and what should have been radio friendly You Cheated Me, Jesus and Mary and Comin’ Tonight have picked things up somewhat. Tower Song sounds great too. I’m looking forward to hearing So Many Friends, her cover of The Pink Floyd’s See Emily Play less so, but I’ll be back at work by then. So, the next time we speak, I may have further observations for you.

I’m sure you can’t wait.




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