The Kills live, Brixton Academy

I don’t feel that I’ve got much to say about the Kills performance at Brixton Academy on Saturday night. For me, opening track No Wow summed up the night very neatly. A menacing tune from Jamie Hince, but barely audible vocals from Alison Mosshart- funny how bands can soundcheck as much as they like, but still not get it right.

I did find myself wondering whether the Brixton stage might be too big for the two of them. Fears allayed when they were joined, periodically, by 4 drummers. And, as on Satellite, a Gospel choir.

For me, the highlight of the gig was when Mosshart and Hince sat down together and did a cover of Patsy Cline’s Crazy- as it happens, my nan’s favourite song. Harsh perhaps, as the aforementioned Satellite, U. R. A. Fever with its stomping “We ain’t born typical” refrain and Last Day Of Magic are (and were) far from charmless. Black Balloon and Pots and Pans also went down very well, but I found the gig as a whole deeply uninvolving. Despite the fact that Mosshart is quite the captivating performer. That said, it’s not the first time I’ve been to a gig like that, the NME’s brilliant line about Interpol “haven’t come to play, so much as so we can bathe in their majesty” ringing true for this observer when we saw them touring Our Love To Admire. By the time The Last Goodbye was beginning a five song encore, I needed a piss. Ideally I’d have waited till the end of that song, but I really needed to go.

I didn’t rush back.

For all that, I’m aware enough to know that my three companions, Jo+ Chris and Jen, loved the gig, but then they’ve got more love for The Kills than I. Which isn’t to say that I don’t like them, I liked Midnight Boom and I think Blood Pressures is a really good record, but this gig left me as cold as the Brixton air outside.

Remember my review of PJ Harvey when I said that to get away without talking to your audience, you have to be as good as she is? Yeah, well, there you go. 

Shoot me now.

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