Launch and relaunch

Just a couple of public service announcements here

The first is that the list of exclusive products for Record Store Day 2012 is now available. And available here. I’m sure that precisely none of you will be shocked to hear that I’ve got my eyes on the digitally remastered version of The Clash’s London Calling. Ok, so I’ve got the album on cd, remastered cd and vinyl as well as the 12″ which features Justice Tonight/Kick It Over on the other side- a personal favourite. But how can I miss out? I can’t. So, I’ll be rushing off to head in Bromley along with the crows on the morning of the 21st April.

Secondly, my Irish friend Richard- yes, the very man who sorted me out with tickets for Massive Attack all the way back in 2008- has his own website. He had his own website some time ago, actually, or else I wouldn’t have been able to get those tickets. Anyway, after a ridiculously lengthy hiatus- I think he loves Massive Attack so much he’s taken on a bit of their attitude towards getting things done- his website is back online and is here:

It’s a must for anyone who loves the Bristolian duo (and Horace Andy). So, er, check it out!


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