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PJ Harvey live at the Brixton Academy 30/10/16

PJ Harvey’s performance at the Brixton Academy last night cemented my belief that she is England’s greatest living musician. In fact, calling her a musician barely seems to do her justice. At times last night, she appeared to be a … Continue reading

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Metronomy Live: Brixton Academy

It felt, a few years back, like Jo and I were at the Brixton Academy every month. But last night’s Metronomy gig was our first visit to the famous venue since a Richard Hawley gig about a year and a … Continue reading

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The Kills live, Brixton Academy

I don’t feel that I’ve got much to say about the Kills performance at Brixton Academy on Saturday night. For me, opening track No Wow summed up the night very neatly. A menacing tune from Jamie Hince, but barely audible … Continue reading

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“Graphic Skittle Action”, Pulp live in Brixton

You may not be aware of this, because I never mention it, but I’ve been waiting about 13 years to see Pulp live. Last night, the dream was acheived and I could tick the final group from the “Britpop” era … Continue reading

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Pulp Magazine

I can’t deal with the excitement today. No, not transfer deadline day, but I’m sitting at my desk thinking that a few miles south of here, in just a few short hours, I will finally get to right the wrong … Continue reading

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Brixton Academy 2002: Doves

So much of the music that I have come to love, indeed, most of the music I’ve talked about here, is music I’ve discovered through their albums, or maybe a single on a radio. Perhaps a friend has passed me … Continue reading

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