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The New York Diaries: 10/ 7-8/13

“Ring, ring it’s 7am/ Move yourself to go again” So begins The Clash’s New York inspired Magnificent Seven- incidentally, you can find it on The Clash Hits Back as well as The Clash Sound System, available in all good record … Continue reading

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Launch and relaunch

Just a couple of public service announcements here… The first is that the list of exclusive products for Record Store Day 2012 is now available. And available here. I’m sure that precisely none of you will be shocked to hear … Continue reading

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4 Favourite Songs

Today’s blog is partially inspired by the fact that I’m now being followed on Twitter by Neil Finn, singer, songwriter and leader of the well known, and loved, band Crowded House- No, where are you going? Come back! I’m not … Continue reading

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Death Disco

No, this isn’t- unfortunately- going to be a blog post about the excellent PIL and their even more excellent song that share its title with the one above these words. It is, however, going to be about the wedding disco … Continue reading

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Blu-rays, Depeche Mode and dreams..

Since I bought a PS3 at Christmas time last year, I’ve kind of resisted the urge to splurge on Blu Rays and PS3 games. The games I have bought are generally the games that I bought for my PS2, but … Continue reading

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New Dawn Fades: Joy Division

Thirty one years ago yesterday Ian Curtis, the lead singer of Joy Division, took his own life. He was twenty three years old at the time. As I was two years old, I can’t claim to have been aware of this … Continue reading

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The Clash

West London. The 1970’s. Two major events happened towards the end of the decade. The first is that I was born in Perivale Maternity Hospital. The second is that just up the road, and when I say up the road, I mean … Continue reading

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Mezzanine: Massive Attack

One of my favourite albums of all time is Massive Attack’s 1998 release, Mezzanine. Having got into the band courtesy of my mate Baxi and a taped copy of Blue Lines once he’d found out about my Tricky infatuation… “Got into the band”  is … Continue reading

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Kings of the Wild Frontier: Adam and the Ants

As I mentioned in the opening post of this blog, as its title alludes to, I am a rather large fan of the man known born as Stuart Leslie Goddard in 1954, known to the wider world as Adam Ant. His … Continue reading

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